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I have lived in Brooks since 1966 with 42 years as Public Works Manager with the City of Brooks retiring in 2007.  I have served four terms on City Council with numerous large and small projects completed such as:

  • Sewer gravity line from old lagoon to Hort life station ($3.2 million with government grant)
  • Storm sewer project 2nd Street East to A to Zed
  • Several blocks sewer and water rehab plus new pavement and sidewalks
  • Traffic lights at intersection 2nd Street West and 15th for new development on northwest corner.  This was a joint project between the County, City and the Alberta Government

Future Projects:

  • Major storm sewer on 1st Street West and Garrow Ave
  • Sewage Lagoon upgrades
  • 2nd Ave West storm upgrade in back lane behind The Well
  • Continue upgrades to sewer and water replacements and sidewalks

There are many other projects in all departments to be addressed in future.

I will strive to keep taxes affordable for all citizens with long term budgeting/planning for the future.

Over my four terms, I have served on many boards including Regional Water, Regional Landfill, Municipal Planning just to name a few.  I have the experience and knowledge with the necessary time for the job.  I would like to serve our community for another term.

Hope to see you on Election Day


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