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Here are common questions and answers for the current restrictions.  As more of your questions are answered by the Alberta Government, we will post them below.   The Brooks Chamber and the Alberta Chamber are happy to be working with you and the government to get clarification for you.

Short form for Restriction Exemption Program (REP)

Q)  If I implement the REP program, do my staff need to be vaccinated.

A)  Staff do not need to be vaccinated but all staff need to be masked, therefore are not required to show vaccination status.  If an employer wishes to mandate that their staff be vaccinated, they should consult with their own legal counsel.

Q) Do industry partners such as, suppliers, delivery drivers, etc need to be vaccinated in dealing with REP businesses?

A) Employees, contractors, repair workers, delivery workers, volunteers, inspectors or others who are entering the business or organization for work purposes and not as patrons are not required to be screened.

Q) Do I have to apply for the REP program

A) You do not need to apply, you just need signage to let people know it is implemented (Brooks Chamber has signs for you)

Information: COVID-19 Guidance for Restrictions Exemption Program (

Q) What documentation will guests need to produce to prove negative COVID test? Is an AHS test an approved proof of negative?

A) The test result should be a written or printed copy that indicates the individual has tested negative for COVID-19 on a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test approved by Health Canada or the lab accreditation body of jurisdiction.

  • It must clearly outline the laboratory that completed the test if applicable (e.g., DynaLIFE), the type of test, time of sample collection, and clear indication of a negative result.
  • A picture of a rapid test result taken off site is not sufficient for this purpose.
  • Individuals must not bring completed rapid tests or self-tests to businesses as they can pose a communicable disease risk.
  • Testing must not be sourced from the Alberta Health Services public COVID-19 testing system.
  • This system is currently reserved for symptomatic individuals and those in outbreak situations. If an individual has COVID-19 symptoms, they must isolate.
  • Operators are permitted to offer on-site rapid testing if they wish.
  • It is recommended that operators seek expert advice including medical oversight prior to implementing a rapid test program.
  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, that individual must isolate, per CMOH Order 06-2021 and CMOH Order 39-2021.

Q) Are the tests being provided by Alberta Chambers of Commerce acceptable for proof of negative test?

A)  No, the rapid tests provided to the Chambers would not be adequate; testing needs to be from a private provider that will provide proof of date and outcome or the organization can provide tests at their own cost. It is recommended that operators seek expert advice including medical oversight prior to implementing a rapid test program.

If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, that individual must isolate, per CMOH Order 06-2021 and CMOH Order 39-2021.

Q) What documentation do out of province and out of country guests need to show to demonstrate proof of vaccination?

A)  Proof of vaccination includes:

  • An immunization record from another Canadian Province or Territory, displaying the name, type of vaccine and date of administration
  • For international travellers, the ArriveCan app code and a valid international travel identification document is acceptable.

Q) With the QR Code how will small businesses be able to scan the code?

A) The Alberta QR code will be available October 1. More details will be forthcoming.

Q) How will enforcement work?

A) Operators will be audited for compliance. Alberta Health Services, Alberta Gaming, Liquor, Cannabis and police units in Alberta are able to enforce the requirements of this program.

  • Additionally, public complaints will support increased compliance and enforcement efforts.
  • If operators are not complying with these requirements or the current public health restrictions, then enforcement and prosecution may result in fines up to $100,000 (for a first offence).

Q) What do businesses and staff do about disgruntled customers?

A) In any instance of unruly, threatening, or violent behaviour, the police should be immediately contacted.

Q) Is there any funding to support businesses in the monitoring of the REP program?

A) There is not currently any program in place to compensate local businesses for expenses accrued due to implementing the Restriction Exemption Program.

Q) Where do services like paramedical and personal services fit into the new orders and what requirements they are subjected to follow?

A) These are considered 'out of scope' services: and are not eligible for the restriction exemption program

Q) Is there some additional clarification on events and the exemption program – for example, if there is proof of vaccination, does that mean that event/business/service can be fully open?

A) The intent is to be able to operate effectively at capacity with the exemption. However, there will still be some mask requirements for certain types of events and the fire code capacity restriction may still apply but will be clarified. The department is still working on guidelines for these.

Q) Can the restriction exemption program be applied to the mandatory work-from-home measures?

A) They are leaving it up to businesses on how they will operate, as even vaccinated staff can spread and so ultimately want to limit the spread.

Q) Will masks still be required as a baseline for those under the REP?

A) Yes, masking is required even when a business is participating in the REP

Q) If venues implement the vaccine exemption program, are their clientele still limited to attend those venues in their own household or can they attend with those outside of their household?

A) If a venue participates in the Restriction Exemption Program, those who can attend are the vaccinated. They are allowed to attend with other vaccinated individuals as they will be masked at all times (other than food/drink consumption). That is why there can be more than the household.

Q) Vaccination Records

A) Albertans will soon be able to have their COVID-19 vaccination records printed at local registry offices anywhere across the province.

Q) REP Program Masking and Mingling with others

A) As long as everyone is masked, they may mix and mingle with others who are masked.  Restaurants are limited to your household plus one other as you will not be masked.

Q) How you can check vaccination status of clients when you have introduced the REP program


1. Paper: Immunization record received at immunization appointments

2. Technology: Records shown from MyHealth Records app or website

3. Printable card: Paper card printable from MyHealth Records app

As of October 1, we expect a QR code option to be introduced with additional information for businesses on how to use this option.

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