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What could your organization do with $7,500?

Applications are open for Fall 2021 (September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)

Program Updates for Fall 2021:

·     Positions no longer need to be net new

·     Increased subsidy from 50% to 75% (up to $7,500)

·     Post Secondary Institutions can be the employer of record

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Experience Brooks-Newell Business App

Attracting customers to your business has never been easier.  Our student can get you all set up on our new Experience Brooks-Newell Business App, all you need to do is approve us to do it for you.

Once signed up, customers collect points by visiting your business.  Each business can then decide if they wish to offer deals for customers to redeem those points such as 10% off, buy one get one for xx% off.

Download our app today for Android or Iphone and see for yourself what other businesses are participating.

This app is free for the first 40 businesses who sign up until June thanks to a grant we received from Alberta Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Canada.

Experience Brooks-Newell App Resources for Businesses

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