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Hello City of Brooks, I’d like to introduce myself so you can get to know a little bit about me. My name is Chris Kenney and I was born in Calgary, raised in Duchess and now have resided in the City of Brooks since 2004. My wife, Dianne Lau, our 3 dogs and I have been enjoying the day-to-day life in Brooks.

My job background consists of a variety of types of industries from Customer Service, to Management, to oil field sales, and a laborer in warehouses.

I believe there is more potential that is here to be achieved in this city. I am ready to go out there and talk to the residents and create a good flow of communication between us. I look forward to working with all of you here in the City of Brooks and work towards changes you would like to see.

A few points I would like to see if I am voted to council are:

  • Economic & Civil goals
  • Fiscal reassessments
  • Land tax reviews and possible reforms
  • review city policies and see if we can make needed changes
  • An off-leash dog park and additional green spaces.
  • Look into more housing projects that can benefit the City’s residents.
  • Look at some new incentives that might be available provincially and federally to entice new diverse businesses into Brooks.
  • I'd like to review our capital projects costing and make sure we are getting the best pricing available.

Those are just a few things I believe would benefit the residents. I would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas as well. One example I've heard from a resident is to re-evaluate the possibility of allowing residents to have hens in their backyard. I do believe in the past it was brought to the attention of the city but it was voted down so I’d like to re-evaluate that.

We also have a few amazing clothing stores but I’d to see if we can have a more variety of clothing stores that will fit some of the needs that is lacking in this city. Some examples would be clothing for the big and tall, maternity, formal wear and maybe cost effectiveness as well. This will encourage the residents to stay local instead of travelling out of the city to purchase clothing.

I think having a fresh new perspective along with new ideas will help Brooks in these upcoming and trying times. What speaks volumes about the City of Brooks is its resilience and its ability to adapt to changes that is happening to the world locally and globally.

I'll be trying to get out and see as many residents as I can, I hope to speak to many that will give me some feedback and highlight some concerns. I hope to see to all of you around the city.

With that said, when you come to the polls on Oct 18, 2021, think of change, think of opportunities, and believe that it can be achieved!

Vote for me, Chris Kenney and let's walk this road together!

If you would like to talk or have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me.

PH# (403)501-0397


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