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Eastern Irrigation District

The Eastern Irrigation District (EID), one of thirteen irrigation districts in southern Alberta, is a corporation operating under the authority of the Alberta Irrigation Districts Act (RSA 2000 c. 1-11). The Eastern Irrigation District is governed by a Board of seven Directors elected by and from the 1,000 irrigators of the District. The EID is managed on a day-to-day and year-round basis by a professional staff of approximately 75 individuals. The EID encompasses an area of 600,000 ha (1.5 million acres) and is bounded by the Red Deer River to the northeast and the Bow River to the southwest.

The District’s primary business is the management of an extensive raw water distribution network in support of irrigated agriculture. A 4,050 km intricate network consisting of 750 km of canals, 2,000 km of drains, and 1,300 km of pipelines links the region to the Bow River. Utilizing over 2,500 water control structures and 13 storage reservoirs, water is conveyed to value added industries, residential developments, wetlands, recreation areas, and highly productive agricultural land. Over the years, improvements to crop genetics, infrastructure, automated controls, and efficiency measures have reduced the amount of water needed per acre. Today over 300,000 acres are irrigated with less water than was used in 1984 to irrigate 244,000 acres.

As a result, the EID is recognized as a leader in managing water for a sustainable economy, the environment, and for fun. The EID is committed to efficient use and responsible stewardship of water, our most valuable resource. For more information please visit:

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