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October 18, 2021 is the date for municipal and school board trustee elections.

Are you considering getting involved?  Here is some information you might find helpful:

Nominations for the general election will be open between January 1, 2021 and September 20, 2021 (except for summer villages)

Who is eligible?

 School Board Trustee  Municipal Election

General Eligibility

A person can be nominated as a school board trustee in any election if they:

are eligible to vote in the election;

have been a resident of the local jurisdiction and the ward for the six consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day; and

are not otherwise ineligible.

Faith-Based Eligibility

Where a separate school district is established, an individual residing in the boundaries of the established area is considered a separate school elector if they declare they are of the same faith (either Protestant or Roman Catholic) as those who established the separate school district. A separate school elector is eligible to be nominated as or vote for either a public school trustee or a separate school trustee for the school board in which the person resides (not both).

To become a municipal candidate you must be at least 18 years of age on nomination day, a

Canadian citizen, and you must have been a resident of the local jurisdiction for the six

consecutive months immediately preceding Nomination Day.

Why run for election?  What is in it for me?

People run for elections for various reasons some to make an impact, some because they disagree with the course currently being taken.  

Here are some reasons to run for election:

1. Making a difference - you want to be more involved in what is happening in your municipality/school district, you want to be a part of      positive change.

2. Give back - may people see being on council or a trustee as a way to give back to their communities.

3. Knowledge and Skill - you have a special skill set that you believe would be of benefit to your municipality/school division

4. Advocacy - you believe in advocacy and you want to ensure your constituents voices are being heard when decisions are being made.

These are some wrong reasons to run for election:

1. I do not want to pay taxes or utilities - sorry, but this does not happen, you will still be paying for this.

2. I am going to clean house, everyone is currupt.  Unfortunately, a common reason, but one that usually leads to negativity, stress for staff, a divided council and may be unjustified.  Try instead, I am going to build us up by _________ (fill in blank with a positive action).

3. People are ready for change.  They might be, but just being the new kid on the block does not make you qualified or the best person for the position.  Do you know how to read financial statements, understand the MGA, know how water, sewer and taxation work, understand economic development, tourism, understand school policy?

4. I am going to lower taxes, we pay too much?  Another common reason people have run for council.  The wake up call comes in when you learn how much everything costs in your municipality. There may certainly be things that can be cut or fine tuned, but a lot of cost to municipalities are in services such as water, streets, sidewalks, sewers and recreation.  Some of these are heavily regulated and cannot be changed.  So, are you proposing closing down the community pool or arena?

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