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Experience Brooks-Newell

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Why Join the App

It's FREE for Chamber Members

(Not a member? Joining is easy)

Another avenue for people to find your business - and your online links

Encourage people to shop local and in person - build personal connections and increase brand loyalty

Gamification is a great way to keep people engaged and coming back again and again

Reward the most loyal clients with exclusive offers

How to Join the App

1. Decide your level

Explore - customers do not collect points but can view your profile

Experience - Customers can collect points while viewing your profile within GPS range

Reward - Customers can collect and redeem points while viewing your profile within GPS range

These levels can be changed at any time my connecting with our digital specialist

2. Draft an Info/Tip and a Description

3. Send an email to

Be sure to include your Business Info: Name, Address, Contact Info, Social Media Links, and a landscape image that represents the best of what you do. Let our digital expert do the rest!


Like the idea of rewards but don't want to give away stuff for free? You don't have to! Rewards are a great way to promote sales, usually in the form of BOGO offers or complimentary discounts. 

A good reward: 100 points for a free dessert

A GREAT reward: 70 points for a free dessert with purchase of meal

Other successful reward examples:

50 points for $5 off a ceramic mug with purchase of a coffee

100 points for a free plant with purchase of a planter

200 points for a free $20 accessory with $50 purchase

We recommend rewards are valued at 10 points = $1.00

Steps to boost App Engagement

✅ View the How to Manage your Location in the App document by 468 Communications

✅ Regularly update your app profile with hours, offers, what makes you stand out, and an eye catching image

✅ Offer exciting rewards so people have reason to collect points. 

✅ Regularly post on your social media, so your fans can download the app.

✅ Pick up an Experience Brooks Newell poster and flyer to put on Windows and near your cash register. 

✅ Have staff remind customers to download the app so they can collect your unique rewards. 

✅ View FAQ's and additional resources below for tips and sharable media. 

Experience Brooks-Newell App FAQ 

Who can use the App? 

Any business in the Newell Region who has a physical location that customers visit, or any business participating in Trade Shows or Markets   

What is the cost? 

FREE for all Chamber Members

$90 per year for Non-Chamber Members 

Join now to get a FREE app membership and all the chamber perks 

How involved do I have to be? I (or my staff) don't have extra time.

You can be as much or as little involved as you need. Once your image, description, link, and (optional) reward are chosen, you do not have to manage the app nor have it open for visitors to collect points, simply remind them to do so. We also provide social media promotion on a rotation for you to share on Instagram and Facebook.

Updates can be sent to or done via your login link (be sure to ask our Digital Specialist to send you one) which allows you to access performance reports. 

How is the app better than Google Maps? 

The points and rewards feature gamifies local shopping and rewards both businesses and customers, while providing a digital directory that houses all your contact and social media links. Additionally, Experience Brooks-Newell is exclusive to the Newell area, so your profile does not have to compete with all the profiles on Google.   

Do I have to give away stuff for free? 

No! Locations can change whether they offer rewards or are a points only location at any time. For reward locations, we recommend BOGO and discount offers to boost your sales. Contact our Digital Specialist to help you develop your perfect unique offer. 

Can people collect points from my store without buying anything? 

As points can be collected by anyone who has an app account and is within GPS range, yes window shoppers can also collect points. The advantage of Experience Brooks-Newell is to increase foot traffic to your location, as well as utilizing unique rewards to increase sales. Locations can also opt to not be Point Collection Locations, instead keeping their profile in the App's digital directory. 


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