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Fakhar Islam; raised in Brooks, Alberta. I have been a long time resident of Brooks and I

would like to play a critical role in taking Brooks towards the future. While growing up in

Brooks and attending my schooling from grade 1-12, I quickly realized Brooks was where I

wanted to make a difference. Having a background in both economic growth and real estate

development. I would bring a different perspective and innovative ideas. Brooks has been a

very supportive and accepting community and now it's my time to lend a helping hand and

make a difference. Being a business owner at an early stage in my life, I want to empower the

youth to become entrepreneurs and give back to their community. My ambition is to create a

more robust future for the upcoming generation is what brought me to run for city council. I

have always had a passion for helping people, no matter where I go. My beliefs are that

everybody deserves an equal chance for a better life regardless of their background or

heritage. Being a business owner, I understand the struggle that occurs on a daily basis and

the drastic impact that Covid-19 had on small business owners and the citizens of Brooks.

These small businesses are the foundation of our community. I want to make sure they are

valued and their concerns are highlighted and taken care of. We have such an amazing

opportunity for recreational development at the Rodeo Grounds. It can be developed into a

community green space, which will allow the citizens to go out with their families and take a

break from a long day. A vote for me is a vote for new and innovative ideas. I am a candidate

that pushes for results and progress and I have proven that in the past with my ventures and

I will be bringing that same mindset and skill set if elected for City Council.


Economic & Recreational Growth:

There are multiple ways to grow our economy, but yet it is not being met to its full potential.

For example, we have fascinating tourist destinations such as Lake Newell and Dinosaur

Provincial Park that can be advertised further to meet their full potential. Expanding our

recreational sites and making sure they meet the demands of the citizens of the city is one of

my priorities. My goal as a member of city council would be to ensure our economy grows

and expand our recreational sites to the best of our city ability.

How do I plan on helping:

○ Create a strategic marketing plan to ensure Brooks tourism stands out

○ Ensure developers are hiring contractors within the city; approx. 25% must be

local contractors

○ Seek the potential development of a mall and encourage retailers and small

business owners to expand and new small businesses to seek opportunity

○ Focus on long term capital gain

○ Invest in building more recreational developments such as age friendly

green spaces, fenced in dog parks equipped with water features, walking

and biking trails, outdoor , swimming pools, shaded areas, and enhanced


Affordable Housing:

As our population grows each year the number of housing needed is increasing as well. Yet

developers are not fully encouraged to come invest in Brooks. Affordable housing is housing

that a household can pay for, while still having money left over for other necessities like food,

transportation and health care. My mission is to motivate the construction of affordable

housing that we can offer to the community of Brooks. My goal is to allow these families the

opportunity to have a better quality of life. People should not have to choose between one

basic necessity over another, that is when affordable housing comes in. By offering more

incentive deals and land package deals than more housing agencies and developers will be

encouraged to purchase land and develop to help our housing problem. Developers and

housing agencies will benefit and the city and citizens will benefit as well.

● Eliminate housing problems by connecting developers to grants and subsidies for

affordable housing projects.

● Offer incentives and land package deals that will attract developers and local citizens

to invest.

● Analyze the city budget and adjust where needed to prioritize the citizen's concerns.

● Promote building affordable homes and recreational development that will meet the

needs of individuals in the city.

● Connecting individuals in the community with reconstruction grants for affordable


● Reduce the Red Tape for construction.

Connecting communities & small businesses support

The gap between the community needs to be closed, I want to give us all a chance to be able

to connect and grow with each other. At difficult times like this, understanding the concerns

of the citizens and being strategic is what we all need. I grew up in Brooks and I know what it

can feel like to be out of place. I want you all to feel like Brooks is your home and that you

belong and are valued. Everyone in Brooks has a unique value and a skill, I want to build

those values in our communities. Where we can all connect with each other and raise the

quality of life in our City.

● Have community events based on the Citizens input.

● Conduct more surveys based in neighborhood's to get more community feedback and

make it known to the public where they can address their problems to the city.

● Engage with small businesses to listen and understand their concerns and help them


● Connecting small businesses with business education workshops to help improve

their business management and advertising skills.

Youth Empowerment

Growing up in this city, I understand the struggle that the youth are facing on a day-to-day

basis. The youth in the city are not always kept busy and they don’t know the opportunities

they may have in this city. Many of the youth population choose to move away to seek better

opportunities yet, people from other cities move to Brooks for the same opportunities. We

need to keep the youth engaged with activities that will prepare them for life. We need to

have more recreational activities that will keep them away from all the harm they may get

into. More job fairs need to be implemented in order for the youth in our city to be aware of

the opportunities they have available to them. This would be helpful to build their careers

whether they choose to go to college/university or study a trade. Youth is our future and we

need to ensure that they feel valued. We need to empower our youth and teach them basic

skills that we did not learn as kids; that we learned on our own. We can save them the

trouble in the future if we have set workshops that are available to them to attend and

workshops that are intriguing.

● Raise more awareness to programs that help the youth learn life skills; money

management, building personal relationships, stress management, maintaining

their environment

● Promote tutoring sessions for the youth and encourage youth to volunteer to

enhance their resumes

● Encourage more summertime life skills programs; landscaping, one on one


● Have more community events based on what the youth want, we need to get the

youth involved.

Over 14,000 citizens call Brooks home, after all, we are the "City of 100

Hello's", and I care about making your voices heard and investing in every


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