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2023 Grants

Maple leafs - banner for Arts Across Canada Program

Translation: Arts Across Canada

Deadline: January 11, 2023

The Translation component of Arts Across Canada funds activities linked to the translation of Canadian literary works or dramatic works into French, English, an Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) language, American Sign Language (ASL), Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), or any other regional Canadian or Indigenous sign language for Canadian publication or presentation. In case of sign language translation, sign language should be the language or one of the languages of performance.

Funding Opportunities | Research Partnerships


Deadline: January 19, 2023

The Industrial Transformation Challenge is focused on technology solutions that are currently not in widespread commercial use and will need significant investment, testing, and scale-up. Funding is open to applicants from across Alberta’s industrial sectors, including petrochemical, agriculture, forest products, manufacturing, energy, and more. The funding opportunity plays to Alberta’s unique advantages, including a talented workforce, locations available to host pilot projects, and concentrated clusters of industrial activity.

WHAT IS A LANGUAGE ASSISTANT? – Official Languages Programs

Odyssey – Language Assistant Program

Deadline: February 28, 2023

Odyssey is a bilingual, paid work experience that provides opportunities for postsecondary students to travel to another province. English-speaking candidates can work in English in Quebec or New Brunswick, while French-speaking candidates can work in French in a province or territory other than their own.

Participants work 25 hours per week and receive a taxable salary of $ 25,000 for a nine-month work term.

Alberta Real Estate Association lifts ban on open houses – Calgary Real Estate News, Breaking News Videos, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)

Alberta Real Estate Foundation

Deadline: April 3, 2023

The Alberta Real Estate Foundation funds initiatives that support and advance education, research, law reform, and other activities related to real estate across our three focus areas of Real Estate Leadership, Built Environment, and Land. 

Green Jobs in Natural Resources

Deadline: 2023

Youth play an important role in shaping the future of Canada’s economy. The Science and Technology (S&T) Internship Program - Green Jobs provides funding to eligible employers across Canada to hire and mentor youth in the natural resources sector, including in energy, forestry, mining, earth science, and clean technology.

Province of Manitoba | agriculture - Canadian Agricultural Partnership

AgriInnovate Program

Deadline: March 31, 2023

This program provides repayable contributions for projects that aim to accelerate the commercialization, adoption and/or demonstration of innovative products, technologies, processes or services that increase agri-sector competitiveness and sustainability.

BHP Trades Readiness - Women Building Futures

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women

Deadline: March 31, 2023

The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) helps you pay for expenses while you train as an apprentice in a Designated Red Seal Trade where women are underrepresented.

  • The AIG-W is a taxable grant worth $3,000 per level, awarded to registered apprentices
  • You must complete your first year/level (or equivalent) to apply for the AIG‑W
  • You can apply for this grant twice during your training (for a maximum of $6,000)
  • You can apply for your second AIG-W after completing your second year/level (or equivalent) of training

Community Climate Resilience Self-Assessment Tool — Decentralised Energy Canada

Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program

Deadline: March 31, 2023

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is providing up to $80,000 per project for municipalities and Indigenous communities to invest in climate resilience capacity building.

Connecting Canadians with Canada's farmers -

AgriCommunication Program

Deadline: September 30, 2023

  • consumer awareness of Canadian agriculture

  • industry’s efforts to endorse environmentally sustainable best practices

  • sector awareness of consumer perceptions 

Continuous Intake Grants

Agriculture in the satellite age | Canadian Space Agency

AgriRisk Initiatives: Administrative Capacity Building Stream

Continuous Intake

The ARI ACB stream provides funding to implement and test new financial tools which allow producers to manage a defined business risk, and to implement and test climate change risk tools.

Example of issues that new financial tools (such as insurance products, options / futures / price pooling and other hedging tools) can address are, but not limited to:

  • responding to diseases in livestock and crops
  • protecting producers from severe market price fluctuations
  • protecting against loss from contracts in new markets

Urban Forestry and Green Infrastructure | Research Area

Investing in COVID-19 Community Resilience

Continuous Intake

A new temporary COVID-19 Resilience stream, with over $3 billion available in existing funding, has been created to provide provinces and territories with added flexibility to fund quick-start, short-term projects that might not otherwise be eligible under the existing funding streams.

The flexibility to transfer up to 10 percent of original stream allocations to the new COVID-19 Resilience stream to help mobilize their remaining funds under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

An accelerated approvals process that will enable provinces and territories to submit multiple projects at a time, with a single simplified application that streamlines program requirements and reduces upfront administrative burdens, to ensure that communities can start work on their projects as soon as possible.

Jobs and Growth Fund

Prairies Economic Development Canada

Continuous Intake

Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) is the department that diversifies the economy across the Canadian Prairies. PrairiesCan leads in building a strong, competitive Canadian economy by supporting business, innovation and community economic development unique to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

25 Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

Community Foundation

Open March 2023

The Canada Post Community Foundation provides grants to Canadian schools, charities and community organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and youth (up to age 21). Since 2012, the Community Foundation has granted over $12.3 million to 1,100 projects across Canada.

Donations to the Community Foundation can be made at any time.

Are your fuel tanks ready for spring?

Farm Fuel and Rural Utility Programs

Continuous Intake

Funding and programs to assist rural Albertans with essential services at a reasonable cost.

Things to Sell Online: 21 Most Demanded Products in India - Shopify

Accelerating Innovations to Commercialization

Continuous Intake

The Product Demonstration Program is designed to de-risk the commercialization process by providing funds and coaching to high potential, high growth technology Alberta small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to commercialize their products and achieve an optimal market position to increase revenue and potentially expand into global markets.

Piloting or demonstrating new products with a “strategic partner” who could be the first buyer or influential client(s) is critical in the commercialization and scale-up pathway.

Qualified SMEs may be eligible for up to $150,000 in funding over a maximum one-year term.

Infrastructure Canada - Building Canada's public transit future: Healthy  and sustainable modes of transportation for all

Investing in Canada Plan funding stream: Public transit infrastructure

Continuous Intake

The programs in the Public Transit Infrastructure stream support the building, expansion, and upgrading of urban and rural transit networks that improve service and transforms the way Canadians live, move, and work.

Programs under the stream support major transit lines, the modernization of bus fleets, and the creation of multipurpose paths in communities across the country. These investments help Canadians move around more easily in their communities, create new manufacturing and construction jobs, increase commuting options, reduce emissions and pollution, and make life easier and more affordable.

Biohub', Center Thailand's Economy | Sugar Asia Magazine


Continuous Intake

The Skilled Newcomer Internship for the Bio-economy program helps newcomers get a foot in the door. The program covers 75% of a participant’s salary up to a maximum of $20,000 for bio-economy employers to hire, accommodate and train IEPs for a three-to-nine-month work placement. It presents an opportunity for employers to access talented individuals they might not have otherwise considered for roles.

Self-employment & income - Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

Training and employment services – Self-employment Program

Continuous Intake

The Self-employment Program offers eligible Albertans who are looking to develop and start a new business with formal training, business plan development, one-to-one business counselling, coaching and guidance.

12 Best Tech Careers + Where To Find Tech Careers — CareerCloud

NExT Level Careers by Technology Alberta 2021-2023

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Technology Alberta in partnership with the Government of Alberta (Ministry of Labour and Immigration) is pleased to announce the NExT Level careers program – providing project opportunities from Alberta’s Novel Engineering and Technology (NExT) product-based companies. Alberta professionals who take on these small projects have visibility to the exciting NExT Level Career opportunities – and can make a difference in both growing these companies and Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech sector.

CAP Banner Logo

Emerging Opportunities

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The Emerging Opportunities program helps to support Alberta’s strategic objectives related to growth and development of Alberta’s value-added agriculture sector. Through targeted investment in new and/or emerging opportunities in the sector, this program enables growth, pursuit of new markets and diversification of Alberta’s value-added industries. The sector is broadly defined as Alberta agriculture, agri-processing and agri-based products, and all projects must clearly support both diversification and economic growth in the Province.

IDDIPs - IYIP | UNA-Canada

Youth Internship Incentive Program (YIIP)

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The Youth Internship Incentive Program is designed to increase the number of employers supporting work-integrated learning internships in trades, technologies, and in-demand occupations.

Realizing Smart Agriculture

2022 Smart Farms Continuous Intake Program

Continuous Intake

The 2022 Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) Competition for the Smart Farms Program has been developed to extend the convergence of agriculture, equipment manufacturing and technology into real-world application. Smart farms provide a physical platform to showcase the integration and application of new technologies in agriculture.

Off diesel banner

Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities Program

Continuous Intake

The Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities (CERRC) program provides funding for renewable energy and capacity building projects and related energy efficiency measures in Indigenous, rural and remote communities across Canada.

Alberta government expands temporary rent assistance program |

Rent Assistance Program

Continuous Intake

The Rent Supplement Program provides a subsidy to help make rental accommodation more affordable for individuals and families.

Farm Technology Program

Continuous Intake

  • The Farm Technology Program supports producers in protecting their business by encouraging the adoption of best management practices in farm technology and security.
  • adoption of innovative technology that minimizes agricultural waste, optimizes farm efficiency, and encourages the adoption of best management practices in farm security.
  • The maximum grant an applicant can receive from the program is $50,000 over the Program Term (April 2021 to March 2023).

Efficient Grain Handling Program

Continuous Intake

  • The Efficient Grain Handling Program shares costs with the agricultural production sector to reduce negative impacts on the environment while enhancing sustainable production, help mitigate climate change and increasing profitability in the agriculture sector.
  • The maximum grant funding an applicant can receive from the program is $100,000 over the program term, this includes any funding received through the previous Efficient Grain Dryer program.
  • Grain handling and grain handling system components that significantly improve energy efficiency above standard configuration are eligible under the program. These components can be factory options on new equipment or retrofits installed on existing equipment.

Agriculture and Food Sustainability Assurance Initiatives Program

Continuous Intake

  • The maximum total grant funding an applicant can receive from the Program is $250,000 per project per fiscal year of the program term.
  • The Agriculture and Food Sustainability Assurance Initiatives Program supports the demonstration to the public of the quality, safety and sustainability of products produced by producers and food companies.

Water Program

Continuous Intake

  • supports the enhancement of agricultural water management for continued growth and long-term success of the agriculture industry.
  • The maximum funding an applicant can receive from the on-farm irrigation stream is $25,000 per fiscal year of the program.

Alberta Methane Emissions Program

Continuous Intake

  • Generate robust program-level equivalence assessments that compare alternative testing results to standard methods outlined in current regulatory requirements.
  • Improve understanding of fugitive and vented methane emission sources in Alberta.
  • Establish processes and documentation approaches to ensure consistent collection and evaluation of high-quality data.

COVID-19: Canada's agri-food sector yields strong results despite pandemic  | EDC

Alberta Innovates Agri-Food and Bio-industrial Innovation Program

Deadline: N/A

The Agri-Food and Bio-industrial Innovation Program (ABIF) supports projects that develop and advance technologies that increase productivity, enhance competitiveness, boost the value of agriculture and forestry commodities, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Strategic focus areas include: data and digital solutions; autonomous systems; agricultural biotechnology; food processing innovation; biofibre utilization; value-added biomass; and green construction. The program is open to small and medium-sized enterprises, industry organizations, research and development organizations, post-secondary institutions and government research laboratories. 

AgriFood-Tech (Start-Up Nation Central) | LinkedIn

Thrive Academy

Continuous Intake

Focused on supporting idea stage and pre-seed stage startups in the agri-food tech sector, the THRIVE Academy is 12- week agri-food tech pre-accelerator program for idea stage entrepreneurs, early-stage startups and researchers looking to commercialize their innovations. Our immersive program will help you de-risk and validate your idea while preparing you to raise capital alongside building your go to market strategy. For more information visit.

Green and Inclusive Community Buildings

Continuous Intake

Applicants with small and medium retrofit projects to existing community buildings ranging in total eligible cost from $100,000 to $3 million will be accepted on a continuous basis and funded on a rolling intake basis.

5 Strategies To Success For Women In Business

Alberta Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism & The Status of Women

Continuous Intake

The Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women has many grant programs that accept applications through multiple intakes on an annual basis.

Made-in-Alberta film Land draws international attention to buoyant local film and TV industry, led by award-winning crews | CTV News

Alberta Film and Television Tax Credit

Continuous Intake

Alberta’s government is increasing funding for the Film and Television Tax Credit program to $70M in 2022-23 to help meet the unprecedented demand in production volume and support the development of the film and television industry. The Film and Television Tax Credit (FTTC) offers a refundable Alberta tax credit certificate on eligible Alberta production and labour costs to corporations that produce films, television series and other eligible screen-based productions in the province. Applicants may apply for either a 22% or 30% tax credit rate. 

Strategic Innovation Fund: Seed Grants

Continuous Intake

  • Seed Grants provide seed funding to kickstart small-scale innovation activities that explore and develop capacity, partnerships, and promising innovation ideas.
  • Key strategic areas intended to rebuild a more resilient, sustainable, equitable, accessible, greener, healthier, and connected arts sector.

Professional Development for Artists

Deadline: Before the start of the Project

  • Up to $10 000
  • Support for professional development activities and career advancement

Top Art Towns in Canada |

Canada Council for the Arts Innovation Grants

2021 - 2026

To rebuild the Albertan Arts sector, the Council offers multiple Grant opportunities in 3 streams: Seed, Cultivate, and Grow. Click the link to find the right fit for your project. 

Infrastructure Canada - English - Protecting nature is important. But #DYK that natural systems like wetlands could help protect us from flooding due to heavy rainfall? The Natural Infrastructure Fund will support

Natural Infrastructure Fund

Continuous Intake

The $200 million Natural Infrastructure Fund supports projects that use natural or hybrid approaches to protect the natural environment, support healthy and resilient communities, and contribute to economic growth and jobs.

The Best Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider | AMA

Child Care – Space Creation Grant

Continuous Intake

The Alberta government is focused on building capacity in licensed non-profit and home-based child care. The Space Creation Grant will help enable 42,500 total new non-profit licensed spaces to be created over the next 5 years. Applications for the grant funding are open to non-profit groups interested in creating new child care spaces or starting new child care programs. New and existing non-profit, facility-based child care programs may apply.

Where does innovation belong in the IT department?

Alberta Innovates

By seeing beyond the possible, Alberta Innovates solves some of the biggest industry challenges. Alberta Innovates supports research, the growth of business, and we help the start-up community to build new technology and drive new ideas.

Continuous intake programs: 

Canada-Alberta Job Grant: Northern Lakes College

Canada Alberta Job Grant

Deadline: N/A

Eligible employers can get government funding to help employees and unemployed Albertans access training opportunities.

Jobs and Growth Fund (JGF) in the Prairie provinces

Deadline: N/A

  • Funding to businesses and organizations to help create jobs and position local economies for long-term growth
  • $700 million nationally over 3 years, which includes up to $70 million dedicated to businesses created after January 2020 that meet eligibility criteria.

Tourism Relief Fund (TRF) in the Prairie provinces

Deadline: N/A

  • Helps tourism businesses and organizations adapt their operations to meet public health requirements while investing in products and services to facilitate their future growth
  • $500 million over 2 years (ending March 31, 2023), including $50 million specifically dedicated to Indigenous tourism initiatives and $15 million for national initiatives

Alberta Export Expansion Program

Deadline: 6 weeks before start of the project

  • Funding to help export-ready companies and non-profit organizations enhance access to international markets and attract global buyers.
  • For-profit or municipal applicants may be reimbursed up to 50%, and non-profit applicants up to 75%, on eligible costs

Industrial Research Assistance Program Youth Employment Program – National Research Council of Canada

Deadline: Ongoing Intake

  • This program helps your business create business or technology jobs for highly skilled youth. We will pay a part of wage-related costs so you can hire young talent to work on innovation-related projects.
  • Regular internships are for post-secondary graduates and last from 6 to 12 months.

Mitacs Entrepreneur International Travel Grant

Open until Filled

  • Canadian start-ups receive a travel grant to support eligible business travel costs, of up to $5,000 to connect with a host incubator in an eligible new target market
  • Grow their knowledge of international market opportunities and potential sources of investment
  • Build new clients, partnerships and business opportunities to scale their company

Career Ready Program

Continuous Intake

  • Financing to hire a student for a work-term placement. This in turn creates a rewarding opportunity for the student to apply their learning in real-world settings and puts them on a path to a bright career.

  • The program provides 50% (to a maximum of $5000.00) of a student’s pay in wage subsidies to employers.

  • An increased subsidy of 70% (to a maximum of $7000.00) is awarded to employers hiring students from under-represented groups:

Career Launcher Internship Programs

Deadline: Before the Start of the Project

  • Receive financial support to create valuable positions that will help you meet the future needs of the Canadian economy.
  • Benefit from a skilled graduate or student joining your team and will help them gain the skills, abilities and experience they need to launch their career.

Digital Generator

Deadline: Before the start of the Project

  • short-term initiative to support Canadian arts groups, collectives, and organizations to build their digital capacity and transform their business model and operations.
  • improve specific areas of business with digital technology to lower costs and increase efficiency
  • identify digital gaps and possibilities for your group or organization (for example, digital needs assessment, digital security assessment, technical audit)

What are Conditions of employment?

Innovation Employment Grant

Continuous Intake

The Innovation Employment Grant encourages economic growth by supporting small and medium-sized businesses that invest in research and development (R&D) with a grant worth up to 20% of qualifying expenditures. The grant provides qualified corporations with up to $4 million in annual R&D spending through: • an 8% payment for eligible R&D spending carried out in Alberta, up to the corporation’s base level of spending. • an enhanced 20% payment for eligible R&D spending that exceeds the corporation’s base spending level. • A firm’s base level of spending is determined by calculating the corporation’s average qualifying R&D spending over the previous 2 years. As this grant is based on expenditures that also qualify for the federal SR&ED program, payments will not be processed until qualifying expenses have been verified by the Canada Revenue Agency and are confirmed to have been undertaken in Alberta by Tax and Revenue Administration.

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