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   I was once told that if you are in a room and everyone is agreeing with one another - - you are probably in the wrong room. I feel that council chambers will not be the wrong room!

   I have always thought that the election process should be a choice – having opposition or choice gives you a chance to express your opinion with your vote. I also know how important it is to listen, learn and work with others in order to solve problems.

   I have been involved in the Transportation Sector since 1975 as a professional driver and in Management. Since 1976 the majority of this time has been within the County of Newell involved in transportation and management of Livestock

   I spent 5 years with the City of Edmonton with their Transit Division and through that time was involved in various committees mostly involving safety.

   In 1998 I started Grace Cattle Carriers Inc. hauling throughout western Canada and the U.S.

   Throughout this time I worked with AFAC and became the 2nd call after RCMP when accidents involving livestock transportation occurred.  This was in effect until the County of Newell received funding for their own Emergency Response Trailer.

   In 2003 BSE was discovered which badly crippled the livestock sector and during the next 2 years I was heavily involved with the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) and the Southern Alberta Livestock Haulers Association in finding solutions for the many issues that plagued the industry.   

   2006 brought a new challenge with involvement as a partner in compliance with AFAC, in an industry driven initiative to create a certification program in livestock handling for transportation.

   The Certified Livestock Transportation (CLT) Certification was created and implemented in 2007. Today this program is recognized throughout Canada and the United States and is an industry standard for the Humane Hauling and Handling of Livestock.

   In January of 2020 I retired from Transportation and assumed a position with Brooks & District Feeder Association as a Supervisor. I very much enjoy travelling around the county and once again being in contact with those involved in the livestock industry.

   I would greatly look forward to this new challenge and opportunity to serve and represent the electorate in Division Seven in the County of Newell.

Keith Horsburgh

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