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My name is Kelly Christman and I wish to thank County of Newell rate payers of Division 6 for the nomination and subsequent acclamation to the position of Councilor. Being a resident of the west side of the County for the past 50 plus years, my background is in municipal government. As an employee of the Town of Bassano for over 33 years, that experience is my foundation.

Over the past two terms of office, my portfolio has included IDP and Recreation agreements, Newell Library Trustee, Shortgrass Library Trustee, Bassano, Duchess & Rosemary Fire Department committee member. It has been an honor to serve as Deputy Reeve for the past year.

My promise is to listen and react to rate payer concerns in a proactive manner, when given the opportunity. On occasion, it has been my pleasure to pass along appreciative messages to staff. Elected by Division 6 rate payers; I represent and work for what is best for the Corporation of the County of Newell.

Moving on to the next four years the following projects are on my mind.

1. Building/strengthening relations and working with municipalities, EID and School Board within the County is essential. Creating synergies will benefit the bottom line for all.

2. Phase two of the rural water project that would provide potable water to even more deserving rate payers. Phase one debenture will be paid off in 2023 so expanding this basic need to even more people is a natural next step.

3. The County is open for business! Increasing residential, business and industry is a priority. The reduction in red tape withing the Land-Use Bylaw is expected to serve this process.

4. Working with the new CAO and Council as we navigate financial downloading from the Province on topics such as linear tax assessments, policing and transportation costs.

Thank you for your support.

Kelly Christman

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