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About Me:

I was raised here in Brooks. I left for Calgary and Lethbridge to pursue my education, and when I came back almost 8 years later, I fell in love with my hometown in a whole new way. My husband and I decided to settle in, buy a home, and raise our kids in this awesome community. I deeply care about my city and the growth and development that it can take on in the future. I see the potential that Brooks has and I am deeply committed to working towards creating the community that we all want to live in, right now- not sometime in the future.

I am ambitious, creative, and passionate, and I would be a strong and capable voice at city hall. I would be honoured if the citizens of Brooks would allow me to work for them. My door is always open, and I encourage anyone to contact me via Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Values You Want at City Hall

  • Innovation and Fresh Ideas
  • Open and Approachable Communication
  • Family and Community Focused Leadership
Priorities That I Would Bring to Council

Keep services and costs of living affordable

  • A top priority for all citizens of Brooks
Increase opportunities to shop locally; keep growing and attracting local businesses/investments in the business sector
  • Keep consumers spending their money in Brooks
  • Increased job opportunities and overall economic growth
Expand and increase community events that bring social development to our city.
  • Events that bring people together and/or promote wellness are vital
Social development is the heart of a community
  • Further develop opportunities for youth around the community
  • Our large young population demands more opportunities for youth outside of school.
  • Developing the green space at the rodeo grounds would create another space for youth and families.
Build on recent tourism growth and expand to bring more tourism to the city and County of Newell area.
  • Tourism creates seasonal jobs for youth, brings money to local businesses, and attracts outside investment to our city.
  • Contributes to our unique identity within the province.   Marissa Wardrop for Brooks City Council @wardropforbrookscitycouncil 

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phone: 403-362-7641

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