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Born and raised, Mike has always call Brooks his home. He has five generations of roots in the community. Mike lives with his beautiful wife Natalie and their dog Bella. Both his adult children and adorable granddaughter live in Brooks. His parents Linda/Larry Regner still reside in the city as well. Starting his own business in 1993 and a second in 2011 he knows long hours and dedication. Mike has been successful due to his decision making skills; a strong knowledge of budgets, analysis, infrastructure, instincts on timing, a thirst for information, resourcefulness and an unparalleled drive to achieve goals. These characteristics would benefit any organization immensely. When it comes to dedication, he gives 110%, never gives up and never backs down. As a team player, Mike is not afraid to speak up, just as he values others opinions. Every citizen deserves to be heard, have dedicated, assertive and most importantly – competent representation. As a successful businessman, Mike has come to a place in life where he has some time for himself. He has the skill set, determination and has set the goal to succeed as a councillor. He will make a positive contribution to the City and citizens of Brooks – the city he loves.


  • ·         Controlled Spending
  • ·         Transparency
  • ·         Accountability
  • ·         Economic Development
  • ·         Local Business Retention
  • ·         Respect for Citizen Needs
  • ·         An Advocate for ALL Citizens
  • ·         Always Accessible
  • ·         Housing Infrastructure
  • ·         Landfill & JBS Centre
  • ·         Pathways & Dog Parks

Brooks will grow and evolve in the next 4 years. The city needs someone with roots here and no intention of leaving anytime soon – Mike’s that someone. Brooks needs someone that sees the big picture and does not get tunnel vision – Mike sees the big picture. Brooks needs someone that can represent the citizens, both as a city and individually – Mike’s done that for his businesses and himself very successfully for 28 years and is capable of the same at a city level. Mike is committed to the BEST Brooks. He will apply his knowledge, life experience and relentlessness that made him a successful businessman for over 28 years. He will make a difference once elected.

His above platform points are expanded in detail on his Councillor Regner Facebook page, where he can also be asked questions or contacted.

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