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Red Roof Studio.

We are an art studio and art gallery and so much more in the County of Newell. We created this space to be able to bring and share culture into our community in a lovely country setting. Where people can relax and enjoy nature in a healthy atmosphere. There is nothing better for the mind than to spend some time creating and developing art talents you never knew existed!

Adults, teenagers, and children can choose from a large variety of classes at the studio. Schools can also contact me for any art project as well as various art clubs or groups that would like me to teach at a location of their choice.

Sculpting, painting, drawing, gelly printing, alcohol painting, multimedia, clay, etc.

Over the years I have been able to collect all kinds of art materials that students can try out at the studio. My passion for the various media and experience using and teaching them has made this an amazing place to create.

After school art classes are offered during the school year and summer programs that run for a week or a weekend art retreat during the summer months.

On Red Bubble, and on Etsy we have created a “print on demand” store, called ”Red Roof Studio by Rita”. My daughter and I have been designing from my original paintings items with my work printed on them. Items such as shower curtains, shoes, hoodies, skirts, towels, bathmats, bags, purses, facemasks, leggings, t-shirts, beanbags etc. Articles can be ordered from the website and will be delivered to your door. Some home studio classes have continued in very small numbers and with restrictions in place. Now we are preparing for Zoom classes where students can register for various courses. Not only painting and crafting but also cooking classes. I have been asked many times to share my cooking recipes. I can teach kids and adults how to cook a great meal all starting with healthy ingredients and from scratch. Homemade soups, spaghetti, spring rolls, meat dishes, sauces, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese favorite dishes that I like to cook will be tried and recorded from my kitchen. Keep checking on my Face book page Red Roof Studio Art and Photography for dates.

Contact Us:

Phone:  403-362-7641


Hours:  Monday to Thursday 9am - 4pm

Office Hours: Tuesday's - Wednesday's 9am -12:30pm

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