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I am running for the councillor position in Division 8.

I have live in this county for 45 years and am now retired.  I feel that I can devote the time needed to being the best councillor I can be by listening to the voters in division 8 and taking your concerns to council and getting answers for you.

  • My career has been in the oilfield where I was construction coordinator
  • I have extensive experience in chairing meetings and budgeting
  • I was known for my ability to stay on budget and for my safety concerns.
  • Two of my present concerns are property taxes and financial responsibility
  • I look forward to getting familiar with the county budget
  • If elected, I plan to attend the various meetings that are held within my division, such as Village of Duchess council meetings,  Ag Society meetings, fire hall meetings to name a few
  • My plan is to personally meet as many of the voters in my division as I can, but for the present time because of rising Covid numbers, I am sending out flyers until such a time as I can visit you the voters personally
  • If you have questions for me my phone number is 403-378-4747 and my email is

Questions and Answers from municipal forum:

1. Which do you favor - provincial police or RCMP?

I am in favor of provincial police so that we can be more self sufficient like Ontario, Quebec,

Newfoundland and Labrador but the costs need to be looked at.

2. Do you know how we can get better broadband for rural customers?

I am not familiar with this problem as it pertains to the County but I think it should be

outsourced to the companies that already offer it.

3. What is your position on rec funding for smaller towns?

I am in favor of rec funding. I believe there is money set aside by the County for it. In these

slow economic times there is only so much fundraising small towns can do.

4. What is your position on HALO?

I am in favor of giving money to HALO, but can we afford it? I believe the County already gives

money to both STARS and HALO, maybe a larger portion should go to HALO considering where

our County residents live in relation to being accessed more easily by HALO.

5. What is your position on the proposal to extend the walking path?

I think we need to evaluate the cost of extending the walkway to Lake Newell Resort and how

many County residents would actually use it.

Terry Neigum

Running for Div. 8 in the County

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